cooklang to LaTeX conversion scripts
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Two small python scripts that turn cooklang recipes into LaTeX source files. The LaTeX files use the cuisine package.

Takes a recipe path as an argument and returns the cuisine recipe block on stdout. Optionally, if provided with the argument "--", reads the recipes source from stdin.


python3 /path/to/recipe

Takes multiple recipe paths as arguments and returns a complete latex document on stdout. Optionally takes the '-r' flag and two directory paths, the first one being the source and the second one the destination directory. It then generates multiple .tex files, one per recipe and one called recipe-book.tex including all recipies.


Basic operation:

python3 /path/to/recipes/{rec1,rec2,rec3}

Recursive book generation:

python3 -r /path/to/source/dir /path/to/dest/dir